Ragdoll Breeders


1) Belle......she is 18 months old and a seal point and is in kitten with her first litter to a blue mitted male of extremely old UK lines. She has stunning blue eyes and a magnificent temperament. She would have to fly soon if required.

Cost: $850 plus freight if required.

Lilac Serenity

2) Lilac Serenity...... a Grand Champion, she is nearly four, a show quality lilac bicolour with stunning blue eyes and is in kitten to a seal point male. She loves the show bench and is an excellent mother having between 6 to 8 babies. She would also have to fly soon.

Cost: $1000 plus freight.

Pastel Patches

3) Pastel Patches.......she is a show quality seal tortie bicolour. Patches is three and has had two very successful litters; is an excellent mother and a great show cat. Patches has just weaned babies so can fly if required anytime.

Cost: $550 plus freight if required.

Bermillion Girl Guide

4) Bermillion Girl Guide (Gigi)......Gigi is a seal mitted of beautiful old UK type and lines with stunning eye colour. She is four and has three litters and has lovely babies. Gigi has a wonderful temperament and is due to be mated again so can fly anytime.

Cost$ 650

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